Funding women

Given global reality and emerging trends, philanthropy focused on women and girls should be driven by fairness, effectiveness and human rights, a new report says.

“The Case for Better Philanthropy: The Future of Funding for Women and Girls,” released by Women & Philanthropy in Washington, D.C, examines interconnected trends affecting women and girls and philanthropic giving aimed at helping them.

Those trends include increasing globalization, the acceleration of technology, discrimination in health care and the widening wealth gap.

In light of those trends, the report recommends funders use three frameworks when considering gifts that can affect the lives of women and girls.

The first is grantmaking based on fairness, or attempting to right historical gender imbalances, an approach the report says has been the traditional framework for giving aimed at women and girls.

The second is a framework based on effectiveness, or giving that “establishes a clear link between results-oriented grantmaking and investments in women and girls,” an approach the emerging generation of philanthropists is demanding.

The report also identifies the emerging human rights framework, based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which provides nonprofits with a “unifying structure for all justice work,” and is recognized by major governments.

Finally, the report recommends developing a “gender impact statement,” which it defines as a tool to help funders compile and understand information about how their grants affect women and girls.

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