Habitat founder ousted

Here are the week’s top nonprofit stories:

* Habitat for Humanity International fired founder Millard Fuller after months of arguments over charges he sexually harassed a female Habitat worker, The New York Times reported Feb. 1.

* A 25 percent excise tax proposed by the Treasury Department targets investors who insure the lives of charitable donors and pay the premiums, aiming to profit from death benefits in return for pledging a small part of the benefits to charities, The New York Times reported Feb. 9.

* A bill introduced by Sen. John McCain would require 527 committees to register with the Federal Election Commission and comply with limits on fundraising and spending, The New York Times reported Feb. 3.

* Former U.S. Sen. John Edwards, the Democratic candidate for vice president in 2004, will head a new Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The News & Observer in Raleigh, N.C., reported Feb. 4.

* Community Foundation Silicon Valley has formed a separate trust to hold roughly $127 million worth of donated real estate it has received over 12 years, the Business Journal of Silicon Valley/San Jose reported in its Feb. 4 edition.

* The New York Stock Exchange is considering whether to change from a nonprofit to a for-profit business, Dow Jones Newswires reported Feb. 5.

* Ralph Boyd Jr., director of community relations for Freddie Mac, the second-largest government buyer of home mortgages, has been named chairman of the board of directors of the agency’s charitable arm, which since it was formed in 1991 has invested more than $256 million, the Boston Business Journal reported in its Feb. 7 edition.

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