Nonprofit turnover

Almost half of all nonprofit heads expect to leave their posts in the five-year period from 2003 to 2008, and one in five directors anticipate leaving within two years, a study of sector leaders says.

The study, conducted by United Way and Baruch College in 2003, surveyed over 300 Manhattan nonprofit executives.

Almost eight in 10 “upwardly mobile” nonprofit leaders expected to move into more senior positions, the study says, and more than nine in 10 of them anticipated remaining in the nonprofit sector.

“Such a migration will disrupt the ability of these organizations to provide essential services to the city’s most disenfranchised and neediest citizens,” Anthony Zampella, assistant professor at the Center for Transformational Leadership at Mercy College, says in a statement.

The topic will be the focus of a series of forums to be held at the Center on March 31 and April 26.

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