Tsunami costs soar

Here are the top nonprofit stories reported elsewhere:

* The United Nations estimates the cost of rebuilding areas hit by the Asian tsunami could total $12.5 billion, far exceeding the $5.5 billion in donations pledged for relief efforts, the Guardian reported Feb. 18.

* Working through corporate boardrooms and shareholders’ meetings, activist Catholic nuns from dozens of orders are pushing peace resolutions to be introduced at shareholder meetings this spring at defense contractors like Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Raytheon, The New York Times reported Feb. 19.

* Faced with a growing number of choices to practice corporate social responsibility, a growing number of CEOS are opting for programs tied directly to, and benefiting, their businesses, The Wall Street Journal reported Feb. 22.

* A new California law requires more nonprofits to get annual audits, recruit qualified volunteers for new oversight committees, and take other steps to assure better oversight and show they are fair, requirements some say will divert nonprofits’ money and time from their causes, the Sacramento Business Journal reported in its Feb. 18 edition.

* Briton’s charity regulator has changed its position to let charities deliver a service that law requires a local government agency to provide, the Guardian reported Feb. 21.

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