Blue Cross dropped

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — North Carolina Baptist Hospital has canceled its contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina for medical services, effective June 4, the hospital says.

After a year of negotiations with the insurer, the hospital says, the parties were unable to agree on satisfactory reimbursement rates.

Blue Cross reimbursement rates are lower than other private insurers working with the medical facility, and rates the insurer pays are lower on average than the actual costs of providing the care, Len Preslar Jr., the hospital’s president and CEO, said in a statement,.

One in 10 of the hospital’s patients are Blue Cross members, and hospital officials say they will continue to file claims for patients after June 4 to ensure expenses are reimbursed according to the contract.

The cancellation applies to North Carolina Baptist Hospital and its subsidiaries, but does not include Wake Forest University physicians.

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