Charity bill on tap

Here are the top nonprofit stories reported elsewhere:

* A staff member of the Senate Finance Committee says Congress this spring will take up changes in regulation of charities, along with tax breaks to encourage charitable giving, Tax Analysts reported March 7.

* Facing resistance in Congress, the Bush administration has dropped its support for legislation to give a charitable deduction for people who do not itemize their deductions on their tax returns, or about 70 percent of taxpayer, The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported March 2.

* Anticipating a crackdown in regulation by Congress, some big international charities for the first time are welcoming outside inspections to show they spend donations as advertised, The Wall Street Journal reported March 9.

* The American Social Health Association, a nonprofit in Durham, N.C., that provides phone hotlines and public information on sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis and other illnesses, has slashed its staff by more than two-thirds, with more layoffs among its remaining 65 employees possible unless the group lands new government work this spring, The News & Observer reported March 9.

* Charities that accept donations of cars are seeing mixed results in the wake of a tax-law change last year that reduced incentives to donate cars, USA Today reported Feb. 28.

* Internet auction site eBay says it will donate all fees when sellers contribute 100 percent of an items’ final sale price to a certified nonprofit, the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal reported March 3.

* A Conservative member of the House of Lords says the British government is stalling legislation that would overhaul charity law for the first time in 400 years and is designed to restore public trust in charities, The Guardian reported March 1.

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