Minority enrollment up

College attendance for minorities rising, but still lags whites.

College enrollment for minorities rose by more than half from 1991 to 2001, but still lags enrollment for whites, a new study says.

The report, “Minorities in Higher Education Twenty-first Annual Status Report,” was released by the American Council on Education and funded through grants from the Coca-Cola Foundation and the GE Foundation.

The gap in college enrollment persisted even though the white college-age population decreased during the 1990s, while the minority college-age population rose.

During that decade, 45 percent of whites attended college, the report says, while only one in four African Americans and one in three Hispanics were enrolled.

In same period, African-American enrollment increased 37 percent, while Hispanic enrollment was up 75 percent, higher than any other group, the report says.

“The long-term economic and social well being of this country is connected to closing this gap,” William B. Harvey, co-author of the study, says in a statement.

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