Tech investment

To the editor,

I enjoyed reading your recent column [“Fearless vision”, 02.23.05] in which you write, “Foundations, corporate givers and individual donors need to open their eyes, and invest their money and know-how to help nonprofits operate more effectively.”

You have also written [“Electronic vision”, 01.19.05] that “charities need to catch the tech wave.”

I agree.

I work for Central Oregon Battering & Rape Alliance in Bend, Oregon.  We are earning income by selling a database, and training, to other nonprofits.

Every nonprofit manager who sees our product is impressed with it.  Actually, they seem relieved that we have a tool that will help them comply with grant reporting requirements and communicate their success and needs to the community.

They especially value the training and local support we offer.

Technical assistance grants are the only way these nonprofit managers can acquire the tools they need to be more effective.

Please continue to urge funders to support technology.

Teresa Rozic, business manager, Central Oregon Battering & Rape Alliance, Bend, Ore.

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