Massachusetts targets charities

Here are the week’s top nonprofit stories reported elsewhere:

* Massachusetts’ attorney general is proposing tougher policing of charities with new rules on financial governance that executive say would be among the most comprehensive in the U.S., The Boston Globe reported May 5.

* Senate Finance Committee leaders are proposing legislation to crack down on life insurance charities buy to benefit private investors that would not be available without the charities’ involvement, Tax Analysts reported May 4.

* The Alliance for Charitable Reform, a coalition of conservative charities, has asked Majority Leader Bill Frist to keep from the Senate floor any proposals from the Finance Committee to increase the regulatory burden on charities, Tax Analysts reported May 4.

* The Republican chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is pushing public television to fix what he and other conservatives believe is liberal bias, triggering fears among some public broadcasting leaders of a threat to editorial independence, The New York Times reported May 2.

* Louise T. Blouin MacBain, founder of a leading art-magazine publisher, has created a foundation to boost cultural development throughout the world, The New York Times reported May 2.

* A study in the April issue of Medical Care Research and Review says nonprofit nursing homes in the U.S. generally provide better care than do for-profit nursing homes, reported April 27.

* A partnership is creating Ohio’s first charitable pharmacy in a pilot project to provide free medicine to low-income people, the Business Courier in Cincinnati reported April 28.

* Carol Bellamy, being replaced as head of UNICEF by Ann Veneman, secretary of agriculture in President Bush’s first term, has expanded the agency’s focus from children’s health to women’s rights, drawing criticism from some medical professionals and from religious conservatives, The Christian Science Monitor reported April 29.

* The Hong Kong Institute of Education, in partnership with corporations and individuals, launched EdExchange, a web-based service that matches teachers seeking funding for student projects with donors, People’s Daily Online reported April 29.

* The Moroccan government will audit 250 state-subsidized charities in 2005, and 250 more in 2006, as part of an effort to reform their structures, improve their management, establish transparency, and reassure benefactors and volunteers, Arabic News reported April 28.

* The president and CEO of the Worldwide Ireland funds said at a conference that Irish philanthropy still is in its infancy and should be professionalized, RTE Business reported April 26.

* Swedish newspapers said two Swedish charities that back research to find cancer cures have invested in tobacco stocks, The Local reported May 3.

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