Planned-giving software: Part 6

By Todd Cohen

In addition to the two players in the market, smaller vendors offer a variety of planned-giving calculators.

PhilanthroTec’s planned-giving products include PhilanthroCalc, desktop software that includes a deduction calculator and, in a more expensive version, presentations, and an online version that nonprofits can add to their websites.

PhilanthroCalc for Windows DC, the basic calculation software, is an entry-level products designed for small nonprofits and advisers needing only deductions, says Lee Hoffman, founder and CEO, while PhilanthroCalc for Windows Deluxe combines the deduction reports of the company’s basic calculation software with complete presentation modules for a broad range of planned-giving techniques, and advanced cash-flow modeling for charitable remainder unitrusts.

The online version offers deduction calculations similar to those in PhilanthroCalc for Windows DC.

Hoffman, who sold insurance and then worked as a consultant to charities on planned giving, said he started the firm because “there was no way to show the future income of a deferred gift, particularly one that produced income.”

Leimberg & LeClair markets two software products to lawyers, CPAs and financial planners.

NumberCruncher, which the IRS uses, handles a broad range of actuarial calculations for estate-planning purposes, including charitable purposes, while Charitable Financial Planner handles calculations for charitable gift annuities, pooled income funds, charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts.

“If you are going to do something occasionally or are just starting, start with something that’s simple enough to get you an accurate answer the first time you try it,” says Steve Leimberg, CEO. “If your full-time job is charitable planning, you’ll probably want a heavier-duty product.”

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