Culture wars hit NPR

Here are the weeks’ top nonprofit headlines reported elsewhere:

* Tensions are rising between National Public Radio executives and Bush appointees who lead the Corporation for Public Broadcasting over allegations of bias at NPR and of editorial interference by the corporation, which spends federal dollars to public radio and television, The New York Times reported May 16.

* The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated $2.3 billion to education since 2000, the Associated Press reported May 15, and will spend another $250 million to address some of the world’s toughest health problems, bringing to $450 million the total it has committed to the effort, The New York Times reported May 17.

* The IRS is conducting an audit of St. Paul’s School, the New Hampshire prep school under fire for its financial management and governance, The New York Times reported May 14.

* Activists in the U.S. culture wars increasingly are targeting corporate America, with most of the pressure coming from conservative groups pushing companies on issues like gay rights, BusinessWeek reported in its May 23 edition.

* The chief executive of the American Association of Museums told the Senate Finance Committee that a proposal to end the full-market-value deduction of non-cash gifts would hurt donations of objects to museums, Tax Analysts reported May 16.

* A new study says that while most millionaires favor revamping the estate tax, those with inherited wealth believe the rich should shoulder a bigger tax burden, and that repealing or overhauling the estate tax will make it tougher for average Americans to become wealthy, The Wall Street Journal reported May 18.

* The Charity Commission in Britain posted record-high traffic at its website in its last financial year, and this summer will launch new online services for trustees and the public, reported May 12.

* The Indian government is tightening regulation of educational institutions and hospitals that take advantage of income-tax exemptions for their charitable activities, reported May 12.

* The head of Russia’s national security agency said Russia had found U.S., British, Kuwaiti and Saudi spy activity being conducted by nonprofit organizations, the Associated Press reported May 12.

* British charity Oxfam launched a gift-giving plan that lets couples getting married ask guests to make charitable donations to communities in 70 countries, The Australian reported May 12.

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