Olin Foundation shutting down

* The John M. Olin Foundation, which has given roughly $380 million over three decades financing conservative policy groups, will close in November after it gives away its remaining $6 million, The New York Times reported May 29.

* Financier Alberto Vilar who pledged $225 million to opera companies and other arts groups over the past several decades, but provided only half that amount because of several plunges in tech stocks eroded his holdings, now faces federal fraud charges accusing him of stealing $5 million from a client and using the money to honor charitable pledges, The New York Times reported May 30.

* Millard Fuller, who founded Habitat for Humanity and was fired in January, launched The Fuller Center for Housing, which he said would work with charitable groups, including some Habitat affiliates, to fund new housing, the Associated Press reported May 29.

* The Washington Times reported that the health director for the District of Columbia had announced a plan to prevent further problems that cause delays in reimbursements for groups that serve the local HIV-positive population, Medical News Today reported May 30.

* Hospitals are absorbing higher levels of charity care and bad debt and may be providing far more free care each year than the $25 billion they report, AHA News reported May 23.

* The family of a patient who died after obesity surgery is seeking $8.5 million from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, saying a state cap on financial damages against hospitals does not apply to its case, the Boston Globe reported May 25.

* Only one in 10 South Africans say they support charity in any form, only one in six givers volunteer, and 72 percent hold the government responsible for supporting the needy, a new study by ACNielsen says.

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