Value of volunteering

A large majority of Americans say they believe volunteering can help them excel in their careers, a new study says.

The “Volunteer IMPACT Survey,” funded by Deloitte, an accounting and financial services consultancy based in New York, surveyed more than 1,000 working Americans and found that almost nine in 10 believe that volunteering in their communities helps them succeed at work.

Almost four in five people surveyed say volunteering helps improve business skills such as problem-solving, leadership and negotiating, and more than nine in 10 say it broadens their perspective of the world around them, the study says.

Almost three in four of the people surveyed who serve on nonprofit boards say the experience builds their leadership effectiveness.

More than three in 10 respondents say they volunteer up to 20 hours each year, while just over one in 10 donates more than 100 hours of time annually, the study says.

Three quarters of people surveyed do direct volunteer work, while more than three in 10 serve on committees, and almost three in 10 contribute their professional expertise.

To encourage volunteerism, Deloitte held an IMPACT Day June 3 and expected 30,000 of its employees to take the day off work to volunteer in more than 300 nonprofits in communities throughout the U.S.

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