Nonprofits tell their story: June

SAFEchild – Raleigh, N.C.
Everyday in America four children die as a result of abuse and or neglect. In Wake County in 2004, 1235 children were found to have been abused, shaken, sexually violated, emotionally abused and/or neglected. And, those are the ones we know about….many more suffer in silence.

Singing City –  Philadephia, Pa.
Singing City was one of the first integrated choirs to tour the South in the 1950s, when segregation was the norm.

The Youth Development Center – Houston, Texas
At-risk minority urban youth who are enrolled in quality after school literacy training can, in a good program, increase their reading comprehension more in 9 months than they had previously in their whole lives before that point.

The Rape Crisis Center for Children & Adults – San Antonio, Texas
Every two minutes someone is raped.

Special Olympics North Carolina – Morrisville, N.C.
Because our fund raising expenses remain so low, for every dollar donated to Special Olympics North Carolina 84 cents goes towards our programs.

YMCA of the Triangle Area  – Raleigh, N.C.
With 13 branches in Wake, Durham, Johnston, Lee and Pamlico Counties, YMCA of the Triangle serves thousands of children and adults every day, promoting good health, strong families, confident kids, solid communities and a better world.

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