Nonprofits look to corporate CEOs

Here are the week’s top nonprofit headlines reported elsewhere:

* As government funds shrink, the number of corporate executives moving to nonprofits is likely to grow as nonprofit boards pursue corporate methods to build revenue, The Washington Post reported June 29.

* The new president of the NAACP aims to apply his 35 years of corporate-marketing experience to push the group to take a more economic-based approach to civil rights, The New York Times reported July 5.

* In the wake of 9/11, a group of nonprofits in the Washington, D.C., area released a report detailing plans for the next emergency, including scheduled conference calls among nonprofit executives, special hotlines for volunteers, and therapy for traumatized relief workers, The Washington Post reported June 29.

* Executives and senior staff at large nonprofits in the Bay Area can earn salaries and benefits on par with or close to those of their private-sector counterparts, but junior and mid-level employees earn less than people with similar for-profit experience, the San Francisco Chronicle reported July 3.

* The National Audit Office says the push by the British government for charities to deliver more public services is being slowed by the complex and inefficient way they are funded, the SocietyGuardian reported June 29.

* Irish charities that oppose government policies claim the government has tried to intimidate them by asking for details of donations they receive, the Irish Examiner reported July 4.

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