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Farm Sanctuary
Watkins Glen, N.Y.

Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary has worked to end cruel practices of the “food animal” industry while educating consumers about factory farming and the benefits of a cruelty-free lifestyle. Through direct rescue, shelter, education and advocacy, we are changing the way society views and treats farm animals.

Cleveland Scholarship Programs, Inc.
Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Scholarship Programs, the leading national college access program that is emulated around the country, provides educational opportunity and workforce development to Northeast Ohio.

Basic Needs Ministry
Garner, N.C.

In 2 years, Basic Needs Ministry provided $1.5 million in benefits by permitting 220 churches and schools to give away its clothing in an area served by 30 food banks; 7,200 needy children and 8,000 needy families.  It provided flood assistance; shipped free clothes to another state and 6 countries.

Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry
Asheville, N.C.

230 congregations cooperate through the Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry to provide food, clothes, furniture and financial assistance at 4 Crisis Ministries, visitation in our Jail Ministry, 60 beds at our Men’s Shelter and 43 beds at our Women and Children’s Shelter, and a Medical Ministry for the uninsured.

Community Voice Mail Submission
Seattle, Wash.

Community Voice Mail directly links people in need to jobs, housing and stability via free 24-hour voicemail.  A reliable message number can mean employment, a place to live, escape from abuse and hope. This simple but critical tool profoundly changes lives every day.

Community Voice Mail.  One number. Infinite possibilities.

Family and Children’s Service
Long Branch, N.J.

Since 1909, FCS has offered a helping hand in times of need — cradle to rocking chair. Integral to this effort is our professional staff, our generous supporters and many acts of kindness performed by more than 275 FCS volunteers who give of themselves to create a more caring community.

Carolina Canines for Service
Wilmington, N.C.

Carolina Canines for Service is dedicated to empowering people with disabilities to achieve greater independence and enhanced quality of life and improving people’s lives through the services of specially trained service dogs.

Mission Healthcare Foundation
Asheville, N.C.

Mission Foundation supports 800-bed Mission Hospitals in serving a 10,000-square-mile region of the Southern Appalachians.  Since 1985 the Foundation has received over $60 million in contributions funding many programs like mobile children’s dental vans now serving over 60 schools in Western North Carolina.

The Junior Service League of Guadalajara
Guadalajara, Mexico

Since 1985, The Junior Service League of Guadalajara has been promoting volunteerism and helping the community through specific projects. Our League currently has three projects, Mi Bebe y Yo, educational program for new mothers, La Casita Community Center and Casa Hogar Estancia de Maria remodeling program.

Friends of the District
Hagerstown, Md.

Washington, D.C., has 78,000 more residents than Wyoming; its landmass is larger than Rhode Island.  Washingtonians must obey all federal laws, serve on federal juries, pay federal taxes.  They fight for democracy abroad…yet they do not have representation in Congress.  Friends of the District educates the public about this injustice.

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