Euthanizing animals heartbreaking yet humane

To the editor,

PETA has made headlines recently for euthanizing animals from shelters in North Carolina.

Carolina Animal Action fully supports PETA in its heartbreaking-yet-humane decision to provide unwanted animals with a painless release from this world.

With 6 million to 8 million animals entering U.S. shelters each year, euthanizing animals is a tragedy that isn’t going to end until we stop creating more animals than there are homes for.

Every time someone buys an animal from a breeder or pet shop, every time someone lets their dog or cat have “just one litter,” an animal in a shelter loses her chance of being adopted.

Carolina Animal Action has successfully pushed for city and county spay/neuter ordinances in our state.

If every city, county and state would follow suit, we could drastically reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats and put an end to euthanizing these animals whose only fault is being born into a world that doesn’t want them.

The importance of spaying or neutering your animals, or helping others who cannot afford to, cannot be overemphasized.

Please help save lives: Have your animal sterilized and adopt animals from shelters instead of breeders or pet stores.

Stewart David, president, Carolina Animal Action, Asheville, N.C.

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