Large companies reporting on corporate citizenship efforts

Some of the world’s most successful global corporations are integrating corporate citizenship efforts into the core missions of their organizations, a new study says.

The study, conducted by the Conference Board in New York, found that companies from widely varying industries have integrated reporting of social responsibility efforts into their basic operations.

BP, for example, reports on how its fuels impact the environment, the study says, while Procter & Gamble analyzes its products to ensure that they are made, used and disposed of responsibly.

The study found that citizenship values are increasingly central to corporations’ missions and therefore integrated into their business operations.

Companies are also using internal audits, benchmarking and continuous-improvement measures to improve their social responsibility efforts, the study says, and some have begun using external auditors to evaluate and report on their standards.

“Increasingly, companies believe that they will be evaluated not just on their own performance but on their ability to ensure that their suppliers also adhere to acceptable standards of corporate citizenship,” Amy Kao, author of the report and consultant for the Conference Board, says in a statement.

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