Column on Bush and Katrina biased

To the editor,

Your article on Bush and Katrina was so biased it was almost sickening.

The local people knew the storm was coming and apparently did nothing in the way of preparation, although under our form of government they were responsible for it.

Buses sat idle, eventually being submerged in water. Trains left empty and help was not requested until too late. The levee did not overflow; it broke open and it had recently undergone a major overhaul financed by the federal government.

A good deal of money had been allocated to both local and state officials by the federal government and that money apparently just disappeared in the tunnels of the fabled Louisiana political underground.

With a mayor and a governor apparently more interested in crying and blaming others, it’s wonder the rest of the levees didn’t break from the tears.

Just look at Mississippi, which sustained about as much damage: The problems were handled quite a bit better and without all the fanfare of the Louisiana politicians and media.

— Paul Engel, retired, Las Vegas.

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