Business response to Katrina strategic

Here are the top nonprofit stories reported elsewhere:

* In responding to Hurricane Katrina, companies are taking innovative and strategic approaches to their philanthropy, moving with speed and efficiency that contrasts with government’s initial approach, and boosting their image, The New York Times reported Sept. 14.

* Spurred by a growing number of high schools with community-service requirements and college admissions offices looking for factors that distinguish applicants, teens whose generation has been shaped by 9/11 and the Florida hurricanes and Asian tsunami in 2004 are embracing social activism, The New York Times reported Sept. 11.

* Reluctant to use the only two emblems recognized under the Geneva Convention, the red cross and red crescent, some countries want a new emblem, and are proposing a red diamond on a white background, known as the Red Crystal, BBC News reported Sept. 12.

* Media reports say Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has agreed to pay $100 million to charity to resolve a lawsuit charging he engaged in insider trading in 2001, Forbes reported Sept. 12.

* Harrah’s Entertainment is exiting United Way’s 2005-06 drive to focus its charity on its workers struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Las Vegas Gaming Wire reported Sept. 12.

* The state of Missouri has launched a website for visitors to check on charities and their status in the state, ResearchBuzz reported Sept. 7.

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