Strategic corporate giving

Each year, the Corporate Giving industry gathers together at the MicroEdge Solutions Conference to learn best practices, discuss current issues facing corporate contributions and determine the best ways to address these issues.

This year, the Solutions Conference, October 26-28, takes place in Orlando, FL.

The theme, “Solutions for a Changing World”, is indicative of the complexity of running a strategic corporate giving program and discusses how to plan for the future of corporate giving.

MicroEdge has prepared a series of topical discussions and valuable panel-led sessions for the corporate giving industry, outlining the challenges that arise from government regulations, Sarbanes/Oxley guidelines, Online Giving initiatives, International Giving and how all organizations can meet those challenges head-on and continue to serve their communities, employees and corporate goals.

“Corporate giving organizations are on the front lines when it comes to changing business practices,” Deanne Chevannes, market development manager at MicroEdge points out, “Government regulations and strict standards for accountability first affect corporations.  The ways in which they address these issues and continue to contribute as good corporate citizens can serve as an example for the rest of the giving community.”

In order to help their clients achieve these goals, the MicroEdge Solutions Conference topics will include best practices, technology and implementation, and education.  Some of the sessions offered at this year’s three-day event include:

Best Practices in International Giving: A panel discussion lead by Richard Brown of Strategic Intersections on the trends in International Giving, and how to build a framework for your company to effectively leverage the benefits on an international giving strategy.

Corporate Measurement and Benchmarking: Hosted by the Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy and Altria Corporate Services, this session will demonstrate how measurement and benchmarking initiatives can be used to identify and replicate successful programs and models and align giving with strategic goals.

Online Strategies for Corporate Givers: The Gannet Foundation and Washington Mutual will share practical advice on how they implemented an online process that reduced the time spent internally by field representatives and replaced a previous time-consuming grant submission process.

Negotiating the Changing Landscape of Pharmaceutical Grants: This practical session reveals the realities of the current regulatory environment within the pharmaceutical industry, and how to implementing a successful grants management system can ensure success.

There are also many educational sessions dedicated to the GIFTS grants management platform from MicroEdge, the leading software for the corporate giving community worldwide, as well as online grants management tools, integrated grants management and automated processes for grant application receipt and review.

The 2005 MicroEdge Solutions Conference takes place October 26-28 at the Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, FL.  For more information or to register, please visit  

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