Verizon Foundation offers training

By Todd Cohen

The Verizon Foundation in New York City has launched a Nonprofit Resource Center that offers online and offline training in planning, technology, communications, fundraising, recruitment and evaluation.

The center is powered by five nonprofit partners that offer a total of roughly 100 classes a year, plus online resource libraries.

Qualified 501(c)3 organizations can apply each quarter, with  1,200 training seats available the first year, and will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis, says Donovan Wilson, director of external communications for the Verizon Foundation.

The foundation, which will continue its annual grantmaking program that totals $71.4 million this year, has made grants to the five partners to manage online registrations and offer the classes.

The center is designed to “help nonprofits increase their technology capacity and create sustainable positive change in the communities they serve,” Wilson says.

“One of the challenges is that nonprofit organizations spend a lot of time trying to manage their business,” he says. “If you can get your infrastructure and planning in place, for example, and it all works well, you can spend less time managing your business and more time helping the community.”

Partners include the ePhilanthropy Foundation in Washington, D.C.; Communications Network in Silver Spring, Md.; CompuMentor in San Francisco; NPower in Seattle; and Volunteer Consulting Group in New York City.

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