Planning events


What three points should nonprofits keep in mind while planning fundraising events?


1.  When planning an event, organizations need to be very clear about the perception they wish to attain. They need to know what they want the guest to go away with, what sort of environment and emotions they want their event to evoke.

2.  It is important to keep a detailed record of plans for the event. Only that which is written exists. If a part of the event’s plan is not written down it will fall through the cracks.

3.  Organizations should know why their invitees are invited. Having the right combinations of people at tables, and at the event as a whole, will help organizations attain the sort of environment they wish for their event.

— Compiled by Caroline Monday

Rafael Lopez-Berrantes, a theater veteran,is the founder of Celebrations Inc. in Durham, N.C., a company that designs and produces events for corporate and nonprofit clients.

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