Senate bill would spur giving

Here are the top nonprofit stories reported elsewhere:

* The Senate OK’d a tax bill that includes measures to boost charitable giving, by as much as $1 billion by one estimate, and the bill now must be reconciled with a House bill lacking significant provisions on giving, The New York Times reported Nov. 22.

* A new report by OMB Watch says government efforts to curb funding of terrorist groups are hurting U.S. charities by forcing them to spend more money and time on compliance, taking money away from intended beneficiaries, The NewStandard reported Nov. 15.

* Countering a Nov. 14 report in The New York Times that said U.S. philanthropy was turning away from people most in need from charity, an associate professor of public affairs at Syracuse University said in a Nov. 21 opinion column in The Wall Street Journal that even with population growth, the inflation-adjusted, per-capita amount given by Americans to human-service charities was 14 percent higher in 2004 than in 1960.

* A measure approved by the Senate would let living writers, musicians, artists and scholars who donate their work to a charitable cause earn a tax deduction based on the full fair market value of the work, The New York Times reported Nov. 22.

* Management guru Jim Collins has published a new pamphlet, “Good to Great and the Social Sectors,” that has reworked for the charitable and public sector his ideas about how to set goals, build teams and achieve lasting growth, The Wall Street Journal reported Nov. 21.

* Intel co-founder Gordon Moore and his wife, Betty Moore, have replaced Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates, atop the list of the 50 most generous philanthropists, BusinessWeek reported in its Nov. 28 edition.

* Mississippi is the most generous state and New Hampshire is the least generous, according to a new Generosity Index, the Associated Press reported Nov. 20.

* A Connecticut-based charity that raises money for veterans heads a list of the wors charities in South Carolina, Newsday reported Nov. 16.

* Financial planners in Australia were urged at a conference to take a leading role in advising clients not just on their finances bit also on their philanthropy, Financial Standard reported Nov. 18.

* A new report says venture philanthropy in London is growing, uk fundraising reported Nov. 17.

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