Americans holding back

With the holiday season approaching, government, individuals and businesses could do a better job of sharing, a new survey says.

The survey, published by Mother Jones Magazine and called “Who Gives a $*&t?,” analyzes Americans’ charitable giving.

Two in three households reported giving to charity, with donations averaging more than $1,200, the survey says, but only one in three households reports charitable deductions on its tax returns.

Americans spend $8 billion on Christmas decorations, more than four times what they donate for environmental and animal protection.

President Bush pledged $5 billion a year in aid to Africa’s best-run countries four years ago but, as of today, has only distributed $400,000, the study says.

While James Dobson’s Focus on the Family gave $2.2 million in tsunami relief aid, that included 1 million copies of his book, “When God doesn’t make sense,” the study says.

Similarly, Pat Robertson’s Operation Blessing, which was on FEMA’s list of charities helping victims of Hurricane Katrina, gave half its donations to Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network last year, the study says.

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