Cultivating volunteers a daunting task

To the editor,

I read your weekly columns with interest and general agreement.

I understand and support your notion that volunteers need more than the superficial signs of appreciation [“Volunteers need greater investment”, 12.07.05].

However, in some organizations, volunteers can attempt to perform those services, even after orientation, training and education, in a way that is very self centered.

I have worked with volunteers who believe since they are giving their time and are uncompensated, they may do as they wish.

In particular, they at times refuse to accept direction.

Cultivation of volunteers is a daunting task.

Selection based on interest, intellect, motivation and drive are important. From your perspective, how do you respond to volunteer issues such as I describe?

Thank you again for your efforts and work.

James N. (Jim) Randall, chief operating officer/executive director, The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, Louisville, Ky.

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