Netherlands most generous country

While it tops the list in financial generosity, U.S. lags seven other nations in volunteering, a new study says.

In a study of private philanthropy across the world, Johns Hopkins University analyzes cash and in-kind giving as a percentage of gross domestic product, and the value of volunteer time as a percentage of GDP.

Where available, the data include giving and volunteering for religious organizations.

The U.S. tops the list for donation of cash and in-kind property, giving 1.85 percent of GDP, followed by Israel, Canada and Argentina, the study says.

The Netherlands ranks highest for volunteering at 4.7 percent of GDP, followed by Sweden, Tanzania and Norway, with the U.S. coming in eighth with volunteering representing 2.18 percent of GDP.

For overall generosity, which includes both volunteer time and financial giving, The Netherlands ranks highest, followed by Sweden and the U.S.

The study was conducted by the Johns Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project.

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