Nonprofits tell their story: January

Wisdom of the Elders, Inc.
Portland, Ore.

Merging traditional arts and culture with multi-media, Wisdom of the Elders records and preserves oral history and cultural arts of exemplary American Indian storytellers, historians, artists and song carriers. In collaboration with others, we share their talents with diverse audiences via public radio and website production, festivals, and other venues.

One Brick
New York, N.Y.

With operations in San Francisco, NY, and Chicago, One Brick provides volunteers for local nonprofits by creating a unique, social and flexible volunteer environment. One Brick is 100% volunteer run, and enables people to get involved, have an impact and have fun, without the requirements of individual long-term commitments.

Building Blocks International
San Francisco, Calif.

Building Blocks International works with multinational corporations to develop corporate service fellowships.  During a corporate service fellowship, employees spend four weeks to one year (full-time) applying their management skills within community-based organizations around the world. Approximately 2,100 corporate employees have participated in corporate service fellowship programs.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Chevy Chase, Md.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, one of the world’s largest philanthropies, is dedicated to discovering and disseminating new knowledge in the basic life sciences. HHMI prizes intellectual daring and seeks to preserve the autonomy of its scientists as they pursue research. HHMI also supports science education programs and international research.

Neighborhood Housing Services of Orange County, Inc.
Anaheim, Calif.

Neighborhood Housing Services of Orange County develops and finances affordable housing and helps strengthen neighborhoods in partnership with residents, local government, financial institutions and the business community.  Programs include financial literacy, homebuyer education, first-time buyer lending, resident leadership training, affordable property development and management and neighborhood improvement events.

Neighbors for Neighbors
Jamaica Plain, Mass.

NFN is a volunteer-run community, social, and organizing group that hosts events providing Jamaica Plain residents with the opportunity to connect, create, lead and participate in community projects. Our initiatives result in empowerment, civic engagement, improving our community, and enhancing neighbors’ connections in a fun and casual setting.

United Rehabilitation Services
Dayton, Ohio

United Rehabilitation Services provides services for infants, children and adults with disabilities or special needs, ages 6 weeks through elderly in 11 counties in SW Ohio.  URS provides: Adult Center, Audiology, Augmentative Communication, Vocational Rehabilitation, Community  Employment, Infant, Child Latchkey Daycare, PT, OT, Speech and Aquatic therapy.

Goodwill Industries of Greater New York & Northern New Jersey
Astoria, N.Y.

Goodwill Industries provides “not charity, but a chance” at economic and social independence to persons in need. Since 1915, when we created jobs through selling donated goods, our goal remains empowering people to work. Goodwill serves persons with disabilities and disadvantages, youth and inner-city communities, offering a lifetime of follow-up.

Hip Hop Haven
Raleigh, N.C.

Hip Hop Haven provides a safe “haven” for youth and uses hip hop–art, music, culture, and sport–to partner with youth and families to address the most pressing, ongoing social problems in our community (i.e., poverty, racism, gangs, crime and violence, drug use, teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, education, etc.).

Brooklyn College Community Partnership
Brooklyn, N.Y.

The BCCP’s educational and youth development approach has made a positive impact on Brooklyn youth since 1994. Through college resources, after-school programs, and an arts network we develop committed relationships with the communities and youth of Brooklyn. BCCP collaborates with underserved high schools because we believe everyone should have access to a college education.

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