Post-hurricane giving

Fundraisers disagree on how giving in the wake of the Gulf Coast hurricanes is affecting fundraising for non-relief groups, a new study says.

The Philanthropic Giving Index, released by the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, says one in three fundraisers say their organizations have been hurt by disaster-relief efforts, with about the same number saying that has not been the case.

However, almost six in 10 say they believe hurricane-relief giving is hurting other nonprofits in the near-term, the study says, with almost one in four disagreeing.

Almost half those surveyed expect any negative impact on their own nonprofits and others to dissipate within the next six months, the study says.

The Philanthropic Giving Index includes three sub-indices that measure the present situation, the expected future situation and a combination of the two.

Almost all fundraisers agree the environment for raising money has improved since the summer, although it remains slightly worse than the same time a year earlier.

All three indices were down from a year ago, but the present situation index stood at 84.9, up 3.3 percent from six months ago, and the combined index was 86.3, up 1.3 percent from summer.

The future index was 87.6, down 0.6 percent from summer.

Fundraisers for human services nonprofit were most pessimistic about the fundraising environment, with a combined index of 70.4, compared to an average of 86.3 for all groups surveyed, the study says.

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