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What are three ways annual-fund drives and capital campaigns can work together?


* Identify prospects.

Capital campaigns can work to identify people who are likely to give to the annual fund.  And the annual fund is a rich source for potential prospects to a capital campaign.

Consistent giving is a great indicator of high interest.  Individuals with high interest should be asked to contribute to the capital campaign as well.

* Spread information.

A capital campaign can be used, and should be used, to increase understanding about the need for the annual fund and what the fund does.  The annual fund should be doing the same thing: Giving people information about the capital campaign so that they can consider a possible additional gift to the campaign.

* Involve new leaders.

The annual fund is an excellent place to involve prospects and volunteers, especially people who are new to the organization.

To have them involved in the annual fund is a great way to get to know them and for them to get to know the organization.

Individuals who are great annual-fund leaders and contributors should be considered for leadership in any kind of capital campaign.

Rather than a capital campaign, an organization could consider a comprehensive campaign, which would include the annual fund.

Therefore they’re working on a shared goal, which makes it more likely the annual fund and a capital campaign would work together.

Everyone should be an annual fund donor.

Whether they give to the campaign or not, everyone should be giving to the annual fund, which supports the whole mission of the organization.

–Compiled by Caroline Monday

Ben Case is founder and president of Case Consulting Services in Durham, N.C., a firm specializing in strategic planning and fundraising for nonprofits.

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