Policy and morality

A conference March 3 will convene a nonpartisan group of students and community and faith leaders to explore a broader understanding of morals and public policy.

The “American Values Summit,” to be held on the Duke University campus in Durham, will seek to determine how morality can influence public policy beyond the issues of abortion and same-sex marriage.

The keynote address will be delivered by the Rev. Jim Wallis, a Christian speaker on ethics and public life, and founder of Call to Renewal, a network of faith-based groups working to use the political system to address poverty.

Other speakers include the Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP, and the Rev. Rebecca Reyes, coordinator for Duke University Hospital’s Latino Health Project.

The event, which will include three panel discussions, will provide networking opportunities for participants and teach techniques for effectively reaching out to communities on issues of morality and politics.

To register, visit the conference website.

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