Eastern drives wrap up

By Marion Blackburn

Many United Ways in Eastern North Carolina reached the goals for their annual campaigns this year, with many topping last year’s totals, and some exceeding expectations.

Despite donor demands related to Hurricane Katrina, plus local manufacturing closings and layoffs, five United Ways reported totals at or above their goals.

Four fell below their intended mark, including one that extended its campaign by several weeks and another will continue through spring.

“All the United Ways whose results are in are doing better than last year,” says Jill Cox, spokesperson for United Way of North Carolina. “They’ve gone over their goals and it looks like they’ve done better than last year,” she says. “That’s something to say, considering the environment they’re working in.”

The largest campaigns took place in Pitt County, which raised $1.9 million, and in Wayne County, which raised $1.4 million.

Steve Parr, executive director of United Way of Wayne County, says it focused on people served in addition to dollars raised.

“We have dual campaign goals in our community,” he says. “When we set financial goals, we also look at how many people’s lives it will improve.”

This year’s campaign will benefit 28,600 people, he says.

Corporate gifts totaled $343,000 or roughly 24 percent of the total, while employee workplace giving totaled 65 percent and individual gifts totaled 8 percent.

Several United Ways in the region teamed up on their marketing, using shared materials, and expect to continue the joint marketing effort this year.

Cox says she believes unified marketing helped produce the positive results.

“Overall, the United Way organizations in the eastern part of the state are benefiting from working together,” she says. “They produced several pieces together and all seemed to benefit from it. I think we’ll see more of that in coming years. It’s easier for donors if they have a consistent experience with all United Ways.”

In Wilson County, hurt by factory closings, United Way set a goal of $1,068,000, down $24,000 from the total raised last year, but exceeded its goal by $23,000.

United Way results

[Note: results include total raised so far 2005 drive, goal for 2005 and total raised in 2004 drive.]

United Way of Beaufort County
2005: $270,000
Goal: $260,000
2004: $210,000

United Way of Coastal Carolina
2005 total: $814,000
Goal: $750,000
2004 total: $675,000

Edgecombe County United Fund
2005 total: $86,000
Goal: $172,000
2004 total: $168,861

Lenoir-Greene County United Way
2005: $424,200
Goal: $500,000
2004: $507,000

Rocky Mount Area United Way
2005: $1.05 million
Goal: $1.1 million
2004: $1.1 million

Untied Way of Onslow County
2005: $618,000
Goal: $650,000
2004: $536,000

United Way of Pitt County
2005: $1.907 million
Goal: $1.906 million
2004: $1.76 million

United Way of Wayne County
2005: $1.43 million
Goal: $1.425 million
2004: $1.371 million

United Way of Wilson County
2005: $1.091 million
Goal: $1.068
2004: $1.092

Albemarle Area United Way
2005: $313,213
Goal: $400,000
2004: $340,000

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