Ohio funders optimistic

More than nine in 10 Ohio foundations plan to maintain or grow their grantmaking next year, a new study says.

“Ohio Grantmaking Outlook: 2006,” released by the Ohio Grantmakers Forum, says more than four in 10 foundations plan to increase their grant dollars next year, another five in 10 say they expect grants to stay the same, and fewer than one in 10 expect grant levels to fall.

Two in three of the funders surveyed say their assets grew during 2005, and fewer than one in 10 says assets remained level, the study says.

Almost half the foundations saw growth in the number of grant applications received in 2005, with two-thirds saying they expect to make the same number of grants this year.

About half the grant applications received requested operating support, the report says, and about two-thirds of foundations say they will provide operating support in the coming year.

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