Bush budget guts programs nonprofits deliver

To the editor,

Regarding your column on Bush’s faith-based conference [“Bush should broaden charity focus”, 03.15.06]:

The problem isn’t that Bush is pushing largely for more money for faith-based groups.

His fiscal 2007 budget guts entire programs that nonprofits –faith-based and secular alike — deliver.

Some of his cuts are predicated, amazingly, on the existence of foundations providing similar funding, so that government grants would be redundant.

Other programs are cut because the administration says that they duplicate what nonprofits are doing — except that the nonprofits are doing that work based on the government funding that the Bush administration is trying to cut.

These themes were both in evidence in fiscal 2006 and continue in fiscal 2007.

Our sector has to get the gumption to challenge the Bush administration’s core budget-making tenet that charity and philanthropy can take the place of government programs.

— Rick Cohen, executive director, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

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