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By Eileen Cruz Coleman

Blogs or online journals are becoming increasingly popular.

Blogs cover unlimited issues ranging from health care and politics to science and technology.

Top blogs, or those that receive the most Web traffic, are often visited by reporters and writers who may then contact an organization whose materials were discussed and or featured on a specific blog.

This is great news for those seeking to get their message out to a wider audience.

By incorporating blogs in outreach activities, an organization can dramatically increase its visibility.

The Internet has no boundaries; an organization’s materials can be forwarded to others with a simple click, potentially reaching hundreds, maybe even thousands of people in a matter of a few short months.

And what’s even better news for organizations is the fact that blogs are updated frequently, sometimes two or three times a day, which means that bloggers are constantly on the lookout for new and valuable material.

Why not help them by providing them with your information?

So, should you include blogs in your outreach activities?  Absolutely.

Here are a few tips to help you enter the blogosphere:

Researching Blogs

* Start by entering appropriate keywords or phrases in the search engines; we suggest you use Google.

For example, if you want to reach health-care professionals, you might enter “health care blogs” in Google.

* Once you find an appropriate blog (one that appears to be updated often, and offers valuable information) to contact, you can then find other blogs to contact by simply taking a look at its links or resources section.

Often times, blogs link to other like-minded blogs.

* Make note of the blogger’s name and email address.

Contacting Blogs

Once you have a list of blogs, it’s time to contact them.

* Keep your message short and to the point.

* Ask for a specific action.

If you are trying to promote a new study that your organization has recently released, ask bloggers to mention the study or better yet ask them to write a short story or entry about your study.

* Include your materials in the body of an email.

Better yet, make your materials available on your organization’s site so that bloggers can easily and quickly find out more about you.

Do not send attachments unless someone has specifically given you permission to do so.

* Let them know that you are available if they have any questions.

* Make sure that you have access to experts just in case they have questions that you can’t answer.

* Once you’ve sent your message, be patient.

Web folks are inundated with emails so wait two or three days before sending a follow up email.

* Don’t forget to periodically visit blogs that you’ve contacted to see if they’ve mentioned your study or linked to your site.

Just because a blogger hasn’t responded to your email doesn’t mean he or she is not going to use your materials.

It is your job to stay on top of it.

* Don’t get discouraged if no one has mentioned your study or other materials.

Continue to research other blogs.

Keep your materials circulating.

Good luck!

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