Online board matchmaker tracks results

Nonprofit board members recruited through boardnetUSA tend to be under the age of 40 and many are minorities, two new reports say.

A 2005 survey conducted by Booz Allen Hamilton says that more than half of all board members named through boardnetUSA, a website that connects professionals with opportunities to serve on nonprofit boards, are under age 40, and one in three are minorities.

Almost two in three board members recruited through boardnetUSA say this is their first experience serving on a nonprofit board, and nearly three in four of those elected in 2002 and 2003 are still serving.

Nine in 10 board members elected made financial contributions to the organizations they represent, and eight in 10 participated in fundraising efforts, the research says.

Nonprofits and board members say the three most important skills they bring to the table are administrative/management, fundraising and organizational management skills.

About nine in 10 board members report feeling either good or excellent about how the nonprofit has used their skills, the report says.

Almost nine in 10 see their participation as a way to get involved in their communities, eight in 10 report meeting new people, more than half see board service as professional development and about one in four made new business contacts.

A board election demographic report conducted by boardnetUSA says 53 percent of board members elected through its site are women, one in three are minorities and almost eight in 10 are currently employed in the business sector.

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