Davidson students recycle peers’ trash

By Leslie Williams

DAVIDSON, N.C. — Moving on from college means things sometimes get left behind — relationships, bad habits, even futons.

To make productive use of abandoned clothing and furniture on the Davidson College campus after finals, a group of students mobilized to collect unwanted items and pass them on to local nonprofits.

Donations went to Habitat for Humanity, Crisis Assistance Ministry in Charlotte, the Kidney Foundation and Goodwill, among other groups.

Now in its fourth year, the end-of-year drive is still student-run and relies on a handful of people who stick around at the end of the semester to sort through the leftovers.

Greg Harris, a 2005 graduate of the private school, organized the first drive after realizing how many usable items were being thrown away because students don’t have enough room to take them home.

Collections this year doubled over last year and, for the first time, organizers used a school grant to purchase and distribute plastic donation-collection bins across campus.

Student organizers of the drive are not connected to a formal campus group, and leadership passes informally from person to person at the end of each year.

The volume of items left this year required the volunteers to stay on campus after residence halls closed, but there were enough couches and comforters for students to camp out on the lawn where donations were being sorted.

Clark Pennell, manager of the furniture program at Crisis Assistance Ministry, is thankful for the donations.

“We don’t get this much stuff at many places,” he said in a statement released by the school. “And the students don’t give us junk. This is all good, useable stuff for our clients.”

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