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By Kathy Krais

Do you know…everything you need to know about online applications?

Are online applications really the fast route to a better process?

If you’ve ever wondered whether they can make a difference in your organization, keep reading.

There’s a lot of talk about online grantmaking for corporations and the groundbreaking changes it can bring about.

The benefits cited are copious and considerable.

Advocates say it will streamline your process, assist your efforts to adhere to IRS and Patriot Act/Office of Foreign Assets Control compliance, and improve the quality of the submissions you receive.

Yet, despite the significant benefits that online applications promise, change is never easy — sometimes you need to learn from others first before taking the leap.

Corporate grantmakers share some common concerns about online applications.

First, you must consider your grantees, and whether the process will be too difficult for them to fully embrace.

And then there is your internal staff.

Will an online process be too arduous to administer?

Will your staff be besieged with application submissions, thus sending your otherwise efficient operation into a state of chaos?

Many corporations had concerns just like yours, but after careful evaluation they made the decision to move to an online process.

The result? They achieved increased efficiencies, but they also reaped a lot more in return along the way.

If you’re interested in learning more about some of these corporations and what they are doing with their online applications process, you should read the solutions white paper developed by MicroEdge Inc. titled “What companies like Alcoa, Barclays Bank and The Home Depot know about online applications that you don’t — a discussion of trends, best practices and online strategies in corporate giving.”

This white paper addresses many of the issues we’re all wondering about.

Among other topics, it covers:

· Common roadblocks to bringing your grant applications online
· How online grantmaking can bring more qualified applicants to your process and help you consistently apply program guidelines
· How other corporations are using online applications to improve their operations and positively impact their giving strategies and results.

To access this whitepaper, call MicroEdge at 1.800.899.0890, ext. 250, or download it.

Kathy Krais is a freelance writer for MicroEdge.

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