Right-wing agenda hurts minorities

By Barbara Goodmon

A dangerous movement is growing rapidly in our society, especially in African-American and minority communities.

The movement targets African-American and minority preachers and potential leaders who buy into the movement and then take it back to their communities and churches.

The financial backbone of the movement consists of the conservative, religious, right-wing organizations whose tentacles are far-reaching, persuasive, powerful, wealthy and lily-white.

This movement suggests that all of our social problems could be solved if we do the following:

* Ban abortions.

* Ban homosexual and lesbian marriages.

* Put prayer back into the schools.

Although the preachers or others may believe these are noble causes, they do not address the problems of poverty, hunger, lack of health insurance, school dropout rates, HIV/AIDS, mental illness, crime, gangs, homelessness, domestic abuse and substance abuse.

For example, how does this movement reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS as the number-one killer of African Americans ages 24 to 44, or the high incidence of school dropouts in these communities?

What are the strategies to achieve these outcomes?  Are they not part of the equation?

These social problems, concentrated in minority populations, are holding minority groups back.

I argue this movement only pulls folks down further. It gets in the way of working on real solutions that empower people to be the best they can be.

It reminds me of what we do when we have ants in our house: We put out poison that they ingest and then take it back to the fold, in turning killing all of them.

Do you see any similarities?

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