United Way reconsiders decision

United Way of Chatham County says it will reconsider funding the Hispanic Liaison, provided the nonprofit can show it has lowered overhead expenses, The News & Observer in Raleigh reported Aug. 1.

United Way says it initially denied the $23,000 funding request from Hispanic Liaison, a Siler-City based nonprofit that helps Hispanic immigrants acclimate to the county, because the nonprofit’s overhead expenses were 36.5 percent of its budget, exceeding the funder’s 25 percent limit.

Ilana Dubester, the nonprofit’s executive director, says administrative expenses were temporarily high because the organization was training new executives.

She says she believes the funding request was denied because the group encouraged its members to participate in immigrants-rights demonstrations and a May 1 national boycott that included taking the day off from work and school, the newspaper said.

Based on a special meeting July 14 with the United Way board at which Dubester said overhead costs had dropped to 23.5 percent, the board agreed to reverse its decision upon receipt of financial and tax statements for the fiscal year ended June 30.

Audited financial statements are not due to be completed until October, which would delay payment until then, more than three months after the grant’s original start date.

Dubester has said she will try to schedule the audit for an earlier date, the newspaper said.

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