Moral teaching promotes the good

To the editor,

Barbara Goodmon’s article, “Right-wing agenda hurts minorities“, claims that clergy who teach moral principles are somehow poisoning their congregations, like ants who ingest the bait in a trap and bring it back to the nest.

These religious leaders are supposedly part of a sinister plan to hurt African-Americans and other minorities by obfuscating a right-wing agenda with their duty to instruct their faithful.

She continues her flawed reasoning by accusing these clergy of attempting to solve all our social problems by “banning abortions, homosexual and lesbian ‘marriages’ and putting prayer back in the schools.”

Ms. Goodmon misses the point.

Moral teaching exists to promote the good. Certainly abortion, homosexual/lesbian behaviors and lack of prayer do not contribute to the good.

She states that the real issues of poverty, homelessness, drug abuse, mental illness, crime, etc., are not being addressed by these religious leaders.

This is not true.

Churches, synagogues and faith-based organizations like the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Ministries, Jewish Children and Family Services are in the forefront of giving not only financially, but physically and spiritually, the help needed to reconstruct lives devastated by tragedy, illness and death.

They provide food pantries, mental-health services, medical care, education, life skills, housing, counseling and a myriad of other free services to the most vulnerable in our society.

As a director of a faith- based nonprofit, I take great offense at Ms. Goodmon’s unfounded accusation that these men and women of god do nothing to help alleviate human misery.

I see just the opposite.

Rather than throw mud at those who are working hard to help people in need, I would suggest she meet them and learn, first-hand, all the incredible work that is being done in our communities.

If there is any poison in the nest, it certainly didn’t come from teaching the truth

Mary Ann Isaac, acting director, Interfaith Caregivers Trenton, Trenton, N.J.

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