Religious groups play significant social role

To the editor,

I was somewhat unsettled after reading a recent editorial, “Right-wing agenda hurts minorities“, and I must respectively disagree with the distinguished author, who perhaps unknowingly equates the following of divine instruction with being “ant poison”.

Historically religious institutions have played a significant role in bringing about social change in the world.

Though many secular humanists and liberals alike believe that bureaucratic programs are the panacea for society’s ills, unless individuals make a conscious and personal decision to alter their lifestyles, there will be little effective change and precious resources will have been needlessly spent.

The conservative-based Roman Catholic Church, with her “lily white” congregation (more brown these days), disapproves of abortions and homosexual marriage, yet it is still highly effective in addressing previously described societal ills such as poverty, mostly through private funding.

Likewise there are many comparable conservative, faith-based programs that are equally helpful. Indeed, adherents to a conservative ideology should not be stereotypically portrayed as being uncompassionate zealots.

Unfortunately, there are plenty enough societal ailments to go around, and it will take a concerted effort, not further division between secular and faith-based program supporters to remedy these important challenges.

Darryl Black, Cary, N.C.

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