Value seen in corporate citizenship

To many American employees, working for a socially-responsible company is more important that earning a high salary, a new report says.

Care2, an online network of socially-responsible businesses, nonprofits and individuals, is launching a new tool to help workers identify job opportunities with socially- and environmentally-responsible companies.

Called Care2 JobFinder, the online service provides a listing of job openings at nonprofits and businesses that are eco-friendly or socially responsible.

The list contains more than 100,000 corporate jobs and 70,000 nonprofit openings at groups screened for attributes including community impact, diversity, human right and the environment.

Almost half the people contacted for a recent survey by Care2 say they would be willing to work for less pay for a socially-responsible company, and four in 10 would work longer hours.

Almost three in four respondents believe it is very important to work for a socially responsible company, the report says, and more than one in three have left a company because it was not socially responsible.

Older people tend be more concerned about social responsibility, with about eight in 10 ranking it as very important, compared to under half of respondents age 18 and under.

More than eight in 10 respondents from Massachusetts and California say working for a socially-responsible company is very important, compared to less than half of those in Illinois.

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