Seniors top giving index

The vast majority of Americans give to charity, but more seniors give than any other age group, a new study says.

More than nine in 10 Americans give to charity in some form, but people over age 65 lead the way, with 96 percent of them making charitable contributions, says a new report by Freelanthropy, an online charitable-search program.

The group’s 2006 Charitable Giving Index, conducted with the help of research firm Synovate, analyzes how much Americans give and where their donations go.

Almost two-thirds of charitable contributions went to health and human-services agencies, while almost three-quarters of people listed arts and culture as their last choice for charitable giving.

People earning less than $25,000 a year were the most generous, the study says, with almost half giving at least $100 a year.

Married couples were more likely than unmarried people to give $100 or more, and those living in the Northeast were less likely to give than people in other regions of the country.

More part-time employees gave than any other employment group, and self-employed people tended to favor education causes.

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