Grants fund senior involvement

The Atlantic Philanthropies has awarded a total of $750,000 to 30 community foundations across the U.S. in an initial step to get seniors more involved in their communities.

This first round of funding will allow the foundations to conduct research to better understand community needs that could be filled by people ages 60 and over.

Over the next several years, Atlantic plans to invest millions of dollars in the program, called the “Community Experience Partnership,” to implement new programs encouraging greater civic engagement among seniors.

As the first of 77 million Baby Boomers turn 60 this year, Atlantic Philanthropies says, it sees the opportunity to mobilize the wealth of experience and expertise of the senior population to combat serious social problems, including failing schools and economic decline.

Many communities lack the infrastructure to mobilize and deploy seniors in their communities, Atlantic Philanthropies says, and misperceptions of the abilities and energies of older adults can hamper their full utilization.

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