Maryland nonprofit jobs up

Employment in Maryland’s nonprofit sector grew 2 percent between 2003 and 2004, outpacing private-sector employment growth, a new study  says.

Jobs in the for-profit sector grew 1.8 percent over the same time period, says a new study by Johns Hopkins University in a joint project with the Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations.

The nonprofit employment rate has outpaced businesses eight out of the past ten years, says the director of the Center of Civil Society Studies in the university’s Institute for Policy Studies.

Employment opportunities were particularly robust in the Baltimore suburbs, where the growth rate reached 4.8 percent, illustrating a nationwide trend towards the suburbanization of nonprofit jobs, the study says.

Job growth was especially strong in the professional and scientific fields, arts, entertainment and recreation, educational services and social assistance.

In Maryland, nonprofits account for 11 percent of private sector employment, or over 230,000 jobs, the study says, while the national average is 8.2 percent.

The report is part of Johns Hopkins’ Nonprofit Employment Data Project, which seeks to measure the size and scope of nonprofit employment throughout the United States.

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