2006 Volunteers & Boards special report

2006 Philanthropy Journal Special Report: Volunteers & Boards

Finding volunteers
The gift of “unpaid staff”
11.28.2006  –  For the more than 1.4 million nonprofits in the U.S., finding and keeping good volunteers is a challenge, but experts say there are places to turn for help. Across the country, 375 volunteer centers helped connect almost 2.5 million volunteers with almost 75,000 different agencies this year alone.
Assembling boards
Assembling boards a challenge
11.28.2006  –  Picking board members can be the toughest, most important job a nonprofit faces, experts say. Expected to play a critical yet different role at each stage of its nonprofit’s evolution, they say, the board can mean success or failure in developing an organization’s operations, programs, culture and growth.
Engaging different generations
Recruiting across the ages
11.29.2006  –  Good marketers know not to use the same sales pitch on a Baby Boomer as they would on a Generation X’er. When it comes to recruiting volunteers from different generations, the same goes for nonprofits.
 Volunteerism: Opinion
Encouraging volunteering
11.28.2006  –  Tracey Holmes discusses how an organization can improve its volunteers’ experiences.
“Jeopardy”  for nonprofits
11.28.2006  –  You can’t ask board members to do anything without understanding the question: Is your organization in a founding, organizing, or governing stage.

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