Diverse giving grows

As the racial palette of America is growing more varied, so too is its philanthropy, a new study says.

Communities that have rich traditions of giving to support their communities are now finding ways to formalize and grow their philanthropy, says a new report by the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers.

The report is a collection of stories about ways diverse groups, including Native Americans, African Americans and Asian Americans, are giving back.

The Asian American Giving Circle in New York, for example, has raised and donated $20,000 to a local children’s center working to serve kids of Asian descent.

The Kansas City Hispanic Development Fund has created a $1.2 million endowment and awards $80,000 in grants annually to local Latino businesses and community members.

And the Hopi Foundation in Arizona raised more than $1 million to help Hopis protect their culture while improving health care and reducing poverty.

“This report documents how people of color are finding innovative ways to make a difference using unique vehicles that celebrate their cultural traditions,” Daria Teutonico, director of the forum’s New Ventures in Philanthropy program, said in a statement.

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