Holiday shoppers seen as generous

More than half of Americans intend to turn their shopping experience this holiday season into a way to give back, a new study says.

Almost six in 10 people surveyed for Cone Inc.’s 2006 Cone Holiday Trend Tracker say they plan to purchase a product in which a percentage of the price is donated to a cause.

And about the same number intend to buy from a retailer that supports a cause, says the 9th annual nationwide poll, which surveys Americans’ plans for charitable giving during the holiday season.

Respondents plan to increase their overall charitable activities this season, with nearly half planning to volunteer, up from fewer than four in 10 in 2005, and more than half planning to write a check to support a cause, up six percent since last year, the study says.

“Survey findings underscore the importance of business involvement in causes,” Julia Hobbs Kivistik, executive vice president for cause branding at Cone, said in a statement. “Companies can leverage this season of giving, and attract the attention of busy holiday shoppers, if they offer consumers an easy and affordable way to engage in charitable giving.”

Several businesses are already targeting these potential customers, the study says.

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