Giving and demand grow

Financial contributions to American nonprofits are rising, as is the demand for the services they provide, a new study says.

This is the third straight year of increases, says the report by GuideStar, a nonprofit that gathers and presents tax and financial information on nonprofits.

Half the charities surveyed say contributions increased over the first nine months of this year, compared to the same period last year.

More than a quarter of nonprofits reported no change, the study says, while two in 10 say donations to their organizations fell.

While results were consistent across all parts of the country and among various types of nonprofits, those with annual expenditures in excess of $500,000 were most likely to see increases in donations, the study says.

Almost three in four groups surveyed say demand for their services is up, with groups in the food, agriculture and nutrition category, which includes food banks, reporting the largest increase in demand.

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